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11 weeks pregnancy

11 weeks pregnancy


9 weeks have passed since conception. The development of the fetus continues at a rapid pace. All organs and systems are formed, in the remaining time they will grow and improve. The psychological state of a woman by this time is usually stabilized. Let us consider in more detail the processes occurring at this time.

Fetal Development at 11 weeks pregnancy

The baby is developing quickly. It is now 5-6 cm long and weighs 8-10 g. At 11 weeks pregnancy, the fetus has a big head, slender limbs, arms that are longer than its legs. The webbing between the toes has already gone. Its hands have a distinct pattern on the fingers.

At 11 weeks pregnant, the baby’s face changes. The auricles are developed from cartilaginous tissue. The iris, which determines the color of the eyes, actively begins to form and develop from 7–11 weeks. The laying of hair follicles will begin soon. 

As the brain structure’s complexity increases, the fetus’s growth can be observed. This point has established its main sections. During the 11th week of pregnancy, a vast amount of neurons are generated daily.

The taste buds of the tongue develop. At the 11 weeks pregnancy, the development of the cardiovascular system continues. The tiny heart is already beating tirelessly and new vessels are being formed.

At 11 weeks pregnancy, the digestive tract becomes increasingly complex. The liver takes up most of the abdominal cavity, comprising about a tenth of the fetus’ weight, and starts to produce bile after about two weeks. At the same time, the baby’s kidneys will also start to filter urine which then flows into the amniotic fluid. This liquid is formed through the interaction of the mother’s body, the baby and the placenta.

Bone tissue is still represented by cartilage, but foci of ossification are already appearing. The rudiments of milk teeth are formed.

The external genitalia are formed. This allows you to determine the sex of the baby already for a period of 11 weeks of pregnancy. However, you can still be wrong.

Vocal cords are being formed, although the baby will not be pleased with the first cry soon.

At the age of 11 weeks, the baby is actively developing muscles, thanks to which the small body is strengthened. The development of the fetus is now such that the baby can make grasping movements and unbend the head. A muscular plate is formed – the diaphragm separating the chest and abdominal cavities. At 11 week of pregnancy, the baby may hiccup, but the small size of the fetus does not yet allow the woman to feel it.

Feelings of the expectant mother

Visibly, the woman hasn’t altered much yet. Her growing abdomen is not quite apparent to others. Even so, the woman is already starting to feel uncomfortable in tight clothing, particularly in the evenings, at 11 weeks of pregnancy. The uterus is still relatively small, situated at the pubic joint.

A significant event occurs during the 11 weeks of pregnancy when morning sickness and vomiting subside or cease. Sometimes the mother may still feel discomfort, particularly if she is expecting multiples. Nevertheless, her tolerance is likely to be very low.

Good to know: If twins are expected, then the tummy may already stand out. This is understandable because the size of the uterus in multiple pregnancies is usually larger at this time than in singleton pregnancies.

At 11-12 weeks pregnant, many women can’t wait to feel the baby move. In some cases, other sensations in the abdomen are perceived as the baby’s movements. However, the development of the fetus has not yet reached the stage when the mother captures its movements. This exciting moment is still a few weeks away.

The mammary glands increase, and the skin around the nipples may darken. The chest may be sensitive. At the 11 weeks pregnancy, a clear liquid can stand out from the breast. This is how the body prepares for lactation. Squeezing colostrum is not worth it.


Sometimes, after eating, the expectant mother has a burning sensation behind the sternum – heartburn. In this case, more frequent meals in small portions are recommended.

At the 11th week of pregnancy, a pregnant woman usually experiences discharge from her genital tract. If it is not plentiful, clear, and has a slightly sour scent, there is no need to be concerned. If, however, the amount of discharge increases significantly, it has an unpleasant odor, the color changes, blood in the discharge, and abdominal discomfort is experienced. It is important to get specialist help.

A woman should give up bad habits if this has not been done before. The expectant mother is shown a maximum of positive emotions, so pregnancy at 11-12 weeks is the time to do something pleasant, for example, to buy things for yourself and the crumbs, comfortable low-heeled shoes, a book about motherhood, for example.


If a woman has not yet registered, she needs to do it in the near future, because the development of the fetus should take place under the supervision of specialists.

You need to spend more time in the fresh air during the 11 weeks pregnancy and in the future. Expectant mothers benefit from yoga, swimming, special gymnastics if there are no contraindications.

Medical examinations

The period from the 11th to the 14th (optimally from 11-13) weeks of pregnancy is the time for the first prenatal screening. It is necessary in order to timely identify severe malformations and anomalies in the development of the fetus. In addition, during the study, placenta attachment can be assessed.

The doctor will determine several indicators – the circumference of the fetal head and KTR (coccyx-parietal size) and other parameters that help assess the child’s condition and determine deviations in his development. Additionally, on ultrasound, the doctor evaluates the fetus’s movements and determines the heart rate.

Possible dangers and complications at week 11 pregnancy

At this time, the threat of termination of pregnancy is much lower than during critical periods dangerous to the fetus but still slightly higher than in the second trimester, so reasonable precautions should be observed. If a woman has a bloody or brown discharge, the so-called daub, and also pulls her lower abdomen, stomach or lower back hurts, it is necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible because there is a risk of miscarriage. And even more so, you need to go to the hospital if bleeding has begun urgently.

Also, one should not forget the danger of a frozen pregnancy. At a relatively early date, its symptoms are a little more difficult to determine than in the second half of pregnancy because the woman does not yet feel the baby’s movements. Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to the following possible signs of a missed pregnancy at a period of 10-11 weeks:

  • Discharge in which blood is found.
  • Sudden cessation of morning sickness and vomiting if these symptoms previously appeared almost daily.
  • Temperature drops but sometimes remains elevated (slightly above 37 degrees).
  • Increase in general body temperature.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen.
  • The mammary glands become less heavy and elastic than they should be during pregnancy.

If one or more alarming signs appear, it is necessary to do an ultrasound scan at 11 weeks pregnancy to find out the cause of the deviations that have arisen. The entire first trimester, including the 11th week, is when you should be especially careful about any symptoms and sensations.

Nutrition at 11 weeks pregnant

The nutrition of the future mother is the basis of the health of her child, nutrition should be complete and balanced.

  1. Be sure to get enough calcium at the 11 weeks pregnancy – for the growing bones and teeth of the baby.
  2. Proteins are the building material for the entire body of the fetus, so they also need to be eaten enough.
  3. Iodine affects the development of the nervous system, especially the brain.
  4. Any vegetables and fruits that do not cause allergies, lean meat, cottage cheese, cheese and other dairy products are useful for pregnant women.
  5. Of particular benefit will be white cabbage, bell peppers, currants, wild roses, beets, watermelons, melons, and cucumbers. Watermelons and melons are best eaten in a separate meal so that upset or bloating does not occur. Vegetables should be eaten not only raw, but also cooked.
  6. You can not eat raw fish, raw eggs, poorly fried meat, alcohol and foods that cause allergies are excluded.
  7. You need to drink enough, better water without gas and dyes, compotes, and fruit drinks.
  8. The 11 weeks pregnancy is when strange food desires arise. Thus, the body tells what the mother and child need. You should eat this within reasonable limits: fried and fatty foods should be excluded with all desire.
  9. Vitamins must be present in food, especially E, C and group B.

Sex at 11 weeks pregnant

It has been proven that if the pregnancy proceeds normally, sex brings only benefits. During physical intimacy, lubrication and sperm are released, which positively affect the condition of the uterus. Of course, some care must be taken to use positions with shallow penetration.

If there is a threat of interruption or pain, it is better to refrain from intimacy.

But in most cases, it is good for a woman’s physical and psychological state. In addition, during pregnancy, libido increases in some women.

Tips for 11 weeks pregnant

  • At the 11 weeks pregnancy, the stomach becomes noticeable, and the breast swells. Therefore, special attention should be paid to high-quality and comfortable underwear.
  • Unpleasant sensations of the 1st trimester, such as nausea, fatigue, and fatigue, should decrease or disappear. If this does not happen, it is worth visiting a doctor and donating blood for analysis – perhaps hemoglobin has decreased or some other deviations have appeared that can be corrected with the help of drugs and proper nutrition.
  • Pain in the abdomen and lower back, accompanied by bloody discharge, requires immediate medical attention.
  • Protecting yourself from colds and viral diseases is necessary, although the common cold is no longer as dangerous as in earlier periods.
  • Unless necessary, it is better to postpone a visit to the dentist until next week. But anesthesia cannot be used if the expectant mother went to the dentist!
  • Physical activity will bring great benefits to the expectant mother. Of course, you can’t overload, but special exercises for pregnant women, such as yoga, will improve your well-being, mood, and good physical shape will make childbirth easier.

Expert advice for 11 weeks pregnant

  • It is important to observe the daily routine and walk in the fresh air for 1.5–2 hours a day, including before bedtime. You need to set aside 8-9 hours to sleep at night, adding an hour of daytime sleep to this time.
  • Avoid contact with people with SARS, as viral infections can be dangerous for you.
  • If you have sensitive skin, try to switch to hypoallergenic cosmetics and avoid irritating and aggressive household chemicals.
  • Switch to clothes made from natural and breathable fabrics whenever possible. This is especially important as you gain weight, as sweating will increase.